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​​​​​​​Modern Learning in Action​​

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The moral imperative of every school should be to prepare their students to become productive citizens in society. We are evolving our practices to meet the changing nature of work and the future demands on the modern workforce.

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Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication, Global Citizenship, and Learning to learn are core abilities that are essential for the future workforce. Our focus on these competencies prepares students for today and tomorrow.​

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The core function of assessment is to improve student outcomes. As such learning occurs when staff and students engage in a dialogue about the application of skills with a focus on refinement and progression.

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With easy access to information, learning must be student-centred and focused on authentic opportunities to engage, explore and connect to the world we live in. This approach builds relevance and increases student ownership of the learning process.


At David Suzuki Secondary School, values are central to how we teach and who we are. Our students are instilled with this focus from day one and it is embedded in all that we do each and every day.

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Access to technology at DSSS allows students and teachers to broaden the opportunities to learn by engaging in global conversations and effective feedback. Equitable access is a key goal at DSSS to ensure we provide essential opportunities for all students.

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Our learning spaces are safe, and collaborative that encourage the learning process. Across the school, our FacesOfSuzuki Instagram account fosters positive, lifelong connections, while staff support risk-taking, and student agency in our classrooms.

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Our Learning Environments are collaboratively developed with students to adapt to student needs. They nurture a challenging dynamic, are responsive, and flexible to meet the unique needs of the students in each space.​

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