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The Student Success Department is designed to respond to the fact that all students are able to learn, but some students will require additional support and alternative programming in order to be successful. Eligible students are able to earn credits with alternative approaches including: credit completion, credit recovery, credit rescue and ILC programs.


Attachment Project:  We have done a lot of hard work to collect student attachment data as a method to better identify and address the needs of our student population. Check out an overview of our methods and successes in the video below.

Attachment Project



Credit Completion:  Occasionally success in a credit is possible by re-doing a missed or unsuccessful exam or culminating activity.  Eligible students may work with a Student Success teacher to fill this gap and earn their credit.


Credit Recovery:  This program focuses on students who came close, but did not earn two or more compulsory courses.  The range of marks for potential recovery credits is 35-49%.  Working with the classroom teacher, a gap analysis is performed by the Student Success teacher to identify areas of learning needs.  The Student Success teacher teaches to the gaps, and then assesses to ensure that the student has met the expectations of the course.


Credit Rescue:  When early progress reports or midterm report cards are distributed, certain students are identified as having credits in jeopardy.  In certain instances, these students may be transferred into the student success program where they will have the opportunity to work on the same credit independently with one-on-one help from the student success teacher.


ILC Programs:  Certain courses are offered as ILC booklets.  These serve students who have conflicts in their timetables or need to make up credits.  ILC course are run through the student success room where there are a wide variety of courses available.


Project Complete:  Students whose success requires the completion of additional work may be referred to Project Complete.  Prior to a reporting period, teachers may nominate students to be sent to Project Complete in order to complete missing assignments that jeopardize that student's mark.  During Project Complete, students spend the day focusing​ solely on those missing assignments so that marks for their completed work may be included in the student's evaluation.

Project Complete



Monitoring:  The Student Success Department also monitors individual students' progress, credit accumulation, attendance and behaviour.  School wide trends such as retention and graduation rates and other success indicators are tracked by Student Success.


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