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Welcome to the David Suzuki Secondary School

Physical Health and Education Dept.


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Our department’s main goal is to empower students to make healthy lifestyle decisions and to develop wellness habits that will last a lifetime. We want to instill a lifelong love of activity in our students and we believe that students must get involved in activities that they enjoy so that they will continue with their fitness goals throughout their life. We believe that it is essential that students are given the opportunity to connect to their natural environment through physical activity and we will expose students to outdoor activities throughout the semester.


Physical & Health Education – Grade 9                                                 


The emphasis of the grade 9 program is participation, fitness and fun. A wide range of sports and games are included at this level to ensure that students receive exposure to a wide variety of activities. Teachers will introduce students to our fully equipped Exercise room and help them understand how to properly train each muscle.


Physical & Health Education – Grade 10                                                                       


Students taking the grade 10 program will have the option of selecting either a course that will focus primarily on Individual and Team Sports or pursue a Fitness Development course. Our fitness focus program will allow students to work individually and in groups to develop their fitness level through personal fitness testing, goal setting, weight training programs, and the use of the most up to date exercise equipment.


Through the involvement in the Healthy active curriculum, our students will develop knowledge and skills that will lead to valuing personal fitness and wellness. In this process, students will construct a more positive self-concept and body image that will help them be active in the community and to make significant contributions to society


Specialist High Skills Major:  Sports

(R.I.S.E. - Reaching Individuals through Sports in Education)

The Specialist High Skills Major program is a ministry approved program that offers students the opportunity to focus their learning on a specific economic sector while meeting the requirements for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma.


The SHSM helps prepare students to make the transition from secondary school to apprenticeship training, college, university, or the workplace.


Students attending David Suzuki who would would lile to be part of this program, will apply during the course selection period of their grade 10 year. Application forms will be available through the school's Health and Physical Education Department.


To learn more, please download the R.I.S.E. brochure.



We look forward to teaching  your son/daughter how to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle both now and in the future by delivering a varied program that is fun, safe and interactive.


Mrs. S. Tielli-Mitchell (Head of P.H.E),   Mrs. Bowen,   Mr. Burns,   Mr. Poole   Mr. Sprickerhoff      



“A body in movement needs the things that nature provides: oxygen from fresh air, clean water to stay hydrated and food for energy, Exercise is my medicine. Let’s work together to keep ourselves, and the planet healthy.”


~David Suzuki

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