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Grade 9 Pre-IB Course Selection Worksheet 2021-2022.pdf

Aim of the DP - Interna​tional Mindedness


The aim of the DP, like all IB Programmes, is to develop internationally minded people who, recognizing their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet, help to create a better and more peaceful world.


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Click here to learn about the IB - DP curriculum that meets the rigorous standards set by institutions of higher learning around the world.


Pathway Chart


The pathway for each student will be individualized based on his or her destination.  A sample of a pathway from grade 9 to graduation has been provided for a student who is preparing to enter a university program in Life Sciences. 


Pathway to Life Sciences

Grade 9


Grade 10


Grade 11

Diploma Program

Grade 12

Diploma Program

Group 1 – Studies in language and literature EnglishEnglishHL EnglishHL English

Group 2 –

Language acquisition

FrenchFrenchSL French

Group 3 –

Individuals  and Societies

GeographyCanadian History

SL Psychology

HL Geography

​ HL Geography

Group 4 – Sciences



HL Biology

HL Chemistry

SL Physics

HL Biology

HL Chemistry

Group 5 – MathematicsMath

Math 10

Math 11

SL Math 
Group 6 – The ArtsArt  HL Visual Arts HL Visual Arts
OtherBus / Tech

Careers & Civics


Physical EducationPhysical Education   
Theory of Knowledge (TOK)  



Community, Action & Service (CAS)  

 Over 2 years 

Grade 11 & 12 ​

Extended Essay (EE)




​    Over 2 years

 Grade 11 & 12



Click on the link for additional information on Choosing your DP courses.pdf



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