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 Global Studies Department

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Department Focus


Global Studies offers Aboriginal Studies, Business Studies, Canadian & World Studies and the Social Sciences programs, respectively.  In studying these subjects, students learn how people interact with and within their social and physical environments today, and how they did so in the past.  Students also develop the knowledge and values they need to become responsible, active, informed, and inclusive Canadian citizens in the twenty-first century.  In addition, students acquire  21st Century Skills such as creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, communication, citizenship, and character education, which in turn they apply to other secondary school subjects, in their future studies, and in today's rapidly changing world.


Courses in Aboriginal Studies provide students with an awareness and understanding of the histories, cultures, worldviews, and contributions of aboriginal peoples in Canada to help them better engage with aboriginal issues discussed at local, national and global levels.


Courses in Business Studies examine the multifaceted functions and operations of businesses, from small businesses to multinational enterprises. A strong sense of business fundamentals is established for those interested in further study and training in specialized areas such as management, international business, marketing, accounting, information and communication technology, or entrepreneurship. It also provides practical skills for those who wish to move directly into the workplace.


Courses in Canadian & World Studies contribute significantly to students' understanding of Canada's heritage and its physical, social, cultural, governmental, legal, and economic structures and relationships.  While courses in the Social Sciences focus on how individuals influence and are influenced by families, communities, cultures, institutions, and societies, and by ideas, norms, and values.   


Department Courses


Grade 9
Introduction to Information Technology in Business  BTT 1O0/1OL
Issues in Canadian Geography - Academic 
Issues in Canadian Geography - pre IB
Issues in Canadian Geography - Applied CGC 1P0
Issues in Canadian Geography - ELL CGC 1DL



Grade 10
Introduction to Business  BBI 2O0
Canadian History Since World War I - Academic 
Canadian History Since World Wat I - pre IB
Canadian History Since World War I - Applied CHC 2P0
Canadian History Since World War I - ELL  CHC 2DL
Civics and Citizenship - Open                             CHV 2O0 
Civics and Citizenship - ELL CHV 2OL

   ELL = English Language Learner


Grade 11
Introduction to Financial Accounting                    BAF 3M0
Entrepreneurship: The VentureBDI 3C0 
Introduction to Marketing              BMI 3C0 
Forces of Nature: Physical Processes and Disasters CGF 3M0
Travel and Tourism: A Geographic Perspective     CGG 3O0
American History                                                                                     CHA 3U0 
World History to the End of the 15th Century CHW 3M0
Understanding Canadian Law                   CLU 3M0 
Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology - College            HSP 3C0
Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology - University          HSP 3U0 
Current Aboriginal Issues in CanadaNDA 3M0



Grade 12
Principles of Financial Accounting  BAT 4M0 
Organizational Behavior and Human Resources  BOH 4M0 
International Business Fundamentals  BBB 4M0
World Issues: A Geographic Analysis CGW 4U0 
World Issues: A Geographic Analysis CGW 4C0 
Environmental and Resource Management CGR 4M0
World History Since the 15th Century - University CHY 4U0 
World History Since the 15th Century - CollegeCHY 4C0 
Canadian and International Law CLN 4U0 
Legal Studies CLN 4C0 
Analyzing Current Economic Issues CIA 4U0 
​Challenge & Change in Society HSB 4U0
Issues of Indigenous People in a Global Context


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