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Knowledge of a second language and third language is valuable for a number of reasons. Students strengthen their first-language skills and enhance their critical and creative thinking abilities while they develop an understanding of other cultures. In addition, the ability to communicate in another language provides students with a distinct advantage in a number of careers, both in Canada and internationally.

The ESL curriculum expectations are designed to help English language learners develop the skills they need to develop proficiency in everyday English as well as proficiency in academic English, allowing them to integrate successfully into the mainstream school program.


Modern Languages


A. Pitamber (Head) - French

S. McIntyre

P. Miranda - French


English as a Second Language


V. Shutova


Courses Offered


Modern Languages


Grade 9

·         FSF1D0 - Academic French

·         FSF1P0 -  Applied French

·         FSF1PL - Beginners’ French (ESL)


Grade 10

·         FSF 2D0 -  Academic French



Grade 11

·         FSF3U0 - University French


Grade 12

·         FSF4U0 - University French


English as a Second Language


·         ESL AO0 - Level 1:  Beginning Communication in English

·         ESL BO0 - Level 2:  English in Daily Life

·         ESL CO0 - Level 3:  English for School and Work

·         ESL DO0 - Level 4:  Study Skills in English

·         ESL EO0  - Level 5:  Bridge to English (Transition to regular English)




Extra help in French and ESL is available before and after school.  Our senior scholars are proficient and eager language students who have volunteered to help with homework, assignments, test preparation, and vocabulary enrichment.  This is an excellent opportunity for students get extra practice and to develop their oral and written communication skills.  If you would like to take advantage of this program, see a language teacher in the Moderns Office (Room 216A) or in the French classrooms (228) (227).




The French Club a.k.a. Le Club Français is for all Francophones and Francophiles. We’re focusing on the four C’s --- conversation, culture, cinéma and cuisine!!! This club runs once a week after school in Rm. 228 until the end of June.



French Language Summer Program
The Council of Minister of Education, Canada offers “Explore”, a summer language bursary program to French-speaking parts of Canada. Discover another region of Canada and improve your knowledge of French. Explore offers you five weeks full of opportunities to make discoveries, meet new people, and exchange ideas in a stimulating setting for learning your second language. This is a unique opportunity as all expenses will be covered. For further information go to the government website at



Language students have the opportunity to participate in exchange programs to France, Spain, Mexico or Italy. There is also a two-month program to Belgium as well as summer cultural exchanges to France, Switzerland and Spain. For more information on these opportunities, see Mrs. Bassett in the Moderns Office or visit the CEEF (Canadian Education Exchange Foundation) website (www.ceef.ca).




Glendon College is an independent totally bilingual college affiliated with York University. It has been operating since 1959. Being completely bilingual, students graduate with a degree mainly in French instruction. A representative from Glendon comes to Erindale each semester to speak to the Grades 11 and 12 classes. Enthusiasm and interest is always very high. This results in a field trip to the campus where students attend a mock lecture in French as well as tour the many facilities. It is a highly enjoyable experience and opportunity.





For those who have a real love of the French language, culture, and people, there are various organizations that promote La Francophonie.


            Alliance Française de Toronto (Mississauga campus)

                                    4261 Sherwoodtowne Blvd.

                                    Mississauga, ON

                                    L4Z 1Y5


            Canadian Parents for French (CPF)

                                    All across Canada.


            Le français pour l’avenir/French for the Future


This organization offers scholarships ranging from $2,000-$20,000 to students in Grades 10-12 across Canada.



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