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Special Education



  • Ms. S. Parise (Head, Special Education)
  • Mr. M. Ross (Head, Cross Curricular)
  • Ms. J. Nicolson - Contact Room
  • Ms. N. El-Nesr - Inclusion Program (on leave)  
  • Ms. L. Jack - Inclusion Program
  • Ms. W. St.Kitts - Inclusion Program
  • Mr. A. Rahim (LTO) - Inclusion Program
  • Ms. McLaughlin 
  • Mrs. J. Roberts
  • Ms. F. Pathan
  • J. Turna (LTO)
  • Mr. I Bonful (LTO)


Programs/Supports Offered


Learning Strategies 100/200

The purpose of the Learning Strategies course is to help students develop as independent, self-directed, responsible, confident, motivated and effective learners.

The critical areas of learning identified to help students achieve this goal are the following:


1. Application of research and inquiry process

2. Building self-knowledge

3. Knowing and using learning skills

4. Problem solving

5. Knowing and using personal management skills

6. Knowing and using interpersonal skills

7. Goal setting, decision making and planning for action


*adapted from Getting Assessment Right – Guidance grades 9-10, ISBN 1-894369-21-1 Data Based Directions


Learning Strategies 300/400

This course improves students’ learning skills, preparing them to make successful transitions to work and postsecondary education and become independent, lifelong learners. Students will learn how to assess their learning abilities and use critical reading, time management, and other techniques for promoting effective learning. In addition, they will investigate learning requirements for employment and postsecondary education or training and develop plans for learning after secondary school.


Special Education Monitoring

All students who have been identified as exceptional or those students who have been recommended for increased support will be monitored by a special education teacher during their time at Erindale. Monitoring entails tracking of attendance, guiding students in course selections, helping with transitions and completion of homework and other such assignments.


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