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Help your child prepare for tests


Many students will become anxious at the thought of writing a test. Anxiety about an upcoming test can affect a child's behaviour, thoughts and actions. Here are some ways you can help minimize anxiety at test time:


Organize & Prepare

·          Encourage your child not to leave assignments, studying and homework to the last  


·          Schedule time for review and work on assignments each day.

·          Establish a regular time of the day for homework, studying etc.

·          Make the home a homework-friendly environment where learning is regular routine.

·          Remove distractions like the television, stereo, telephone when studying.

·          Tell your child to make sure tests and due dates are marked in their agenda.



·          Encourage your child to think about what, when, where, why and how when

           preparing/completing assignments.

·          Develop practice tests and help them anticipate questions.

·          Review previous exercises.

·          When appropriate, encourage your child to pair up with a friend to review information and


·          Build learning into family activities - suggest keeping a journal, writing a report or a news

           article about family events, outings or trips.


Be in the know

·          Check out the curriculum for your child’s grade level (available as PDF files at


·          Ask your child’s teacher about major topics studied and how these topics are structured -

           homework, assignments, exercises

·          Use your child’s agenda to communicate with their teacher - ask questions, check for

           homework tips, etc.


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