Special Education
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The Contact Room provides an atmosphere for students to:

• Identify and evaluate the behaviors they have chosen
• Learn that they are responsible for their choices and that the choices they make come with  

• Develop skills to make better choices


The Contact Program Room is a place where a system of interventions is implemented.

It helps students to:

• Reflect on their actions and subsequent reactions
• Consider their behavior and its effects
• Develop a plan to replace the undesired behavior
• Develop skills for more positive behavior /attitude in class


Programs offered through the Contact Room staff:


• Organization Skills
• Anger Management
• Social Skills
• Girls /Self Esteem Group
• Anti Bullying


Contact Room may refer to students to further resources/interventions:

• Vice Principal  
• Guidance
• Social Work
• In School Review Committee
• Parents
• Academic/Monitoring Support – Student Success/Learning Center



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