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Erindale Secondary School Staff are committed to inspiring confidence and hope in every student with the ultimate goal of success for all.  At Erindale, the Student Success Team provides a critical leadership role in supporting and advocating for students in risk and contributing to the advancement of a systemic reshaping of education in the increasingly diverse Province of Ontario. 


The Student Success Team works in collaboration with Administration, Guidance and Special Education to promote and ensure the alignment of services for students in risk.  Further, it takes a proactive approach to providing all students with opportunities to both recover credits and depending upon individual circumstances, reach ahead to earn new credits in a flexible, interactive and engaging way. 


The following best practices reflects some of the successful initiatives/priorities that lead to student success. While not an exhaustive list, it gives an indication of what is being done at Erindale to meet the needs, interests and strengths of students, while building positive relationships to empower and engage them in learning and better preparing them for graduation and beyond.


Example of Best Practices: 

Monitoring, Tracking and Communicating Student Progress

Mentoring Students

Advocating for Students

Supporting Engagement Intervention Strategies

  • Develop flexible credit recovery and credit rescue programs (such as Project Complete) that reflect readiness, interests and learning styles of students
  • Build safe, supportive and challenging classrooms
  • Ensure a restorative approach with in risk students
  • Ensure the availability and support the meaningful use of technology
  • Re-engage early school leavers

Collaborating with all Stakeholders


Staff development activities may include: Transformational Practices, literacy, mathematical literacy, transition strategies grade 8-9, intervention strategies, differentiated instruction, assessment and evaluation, support for greatest area of need as identified in the School Success Plan.​

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