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Get Your Fleece On





  • “Get Your FLEECE On!” is a work experience and business project operated by our students in the Inclusion Program
  • Students are involved in the making and selling of no-sew fleece blankets in the school and community
  • Students’ measure, cut, and tie custom ordered blankets with staff assistance
  • The cost of each blanket is $45.00




  • To develop opportunities for students' further inclusion within the school and community
  • To build skills that are transferable to the workplace
  • To provide students with a variety of experiential learning opportunities  
  • Students will have an opportunity to give back to others in their community
  • Building skills in character education  





  • Hands on experience running a business
  • Communication skills working with staff, students and customers in the school
  • Social and life skills working as part of a team
  • Character education; persevering and seeing a project through to its completion
  • Money management skills                           
  • Fine and gross motor skills




  • Students designed and made business cards in a Business class
  • Students used math skills to keep track of orders/profits in GLE class
  • Students used language skills to learn about the product “fleece”
  • Students assembled information tags; cut and stuffed tags/business cards into plastic bags in GLE class
  • Students assisted with the making of cutting templates for the blankets in Wood Working class
  • Students visited Fabricland to see where the fleece is purchased in their GLE class




  • Fleece is made of recycled plastic bottles
  • Using fleece material fits with our Eco-School program
  • The fleece is purchased on sale mostly at stores such as Fabricland
  • Buying on sale keeps the cost of making the blankets reasonable (at regular price the cost of the fleece alone is over $80!)​ 
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