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Mrs. Bollinger - Surnames A-G
Ms. Nicolson - Surnames H & I
Mrs. Di Schiavi  - Surnames J-M
Mrs. Jackman - Surnames N-Z



Office Assistant - Student Services​

Ms. S. Hastie


Guidance Links


Career Cruisi​ng https://public.careercruising.com/en/
Career Cruising is an interactive career resource designed for people of all ages. If you want to find the right career, explore different career options, or plan future education and training, you've come to the right place!


This site has excellent resources to assist students with career planning.


This website is a great source of information for career and course planning information. 


This site has information regarding the wide variety of apprentice opportunities that are currently available to graduating students.

Colleges - OCAS


A link to the “Ontario College Application Services” website. This site is for graduating students who are applying to an Ontario Community College. A PIN number will be created for you when you register. Write this number down and keep it in a safe location.

Univer​sities - OUInfo

A link to the “Ontario University Application Centre” website. The site has contact information and web links for each institution. Graduating students who are applying to an Ontario University will need your OUAC PIN number. You can get your PIN number from the Counselling office starting the end of November. Listen to the announcements or tweets.

The OSAP Access provides students and their parents with information regarding:
-Approximate cost of their college or university program, including living expenses
-The approximate amount they and their family may expect to receive
-Information on the loans and grants that are available
-A repayment calculator for estimating monthly OSAP loan repayments
-Information and tips on how to apply for OSAP


A link to the “Ontario School Counsellors Association” website. This site has a lot of information for parents and students about post-secondary education or destinations, counselling services, studying tips and resume writing resources.


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