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​Dual Credit Courses

Students in Gr. 11 & Gr. 12 can simultaneously earn both college and non-compulsory secondary credits.  Dual credits for the second semester are now available.


Humber is offering a few spring courses available now for registration as well as two new evening options.


SPRING                                                         EVENING

Police Foundations                                     Police Foundations

Intro to Business                                         ECE

Colour Theory( Cosmetics)


Seneca is offering several interesting new courses including;

Advertising Design & Layout

Flight Attendant

Anatomy & Physiology for the practical nurse

Science of Self Care

Sustainable Fashion

Seneca also offers a $1000 bursary to students continuing at Seneca post graduation.


Centennial has added a new course to their offerings;

The Music Effect

Video Games

Note: Some courses are listed as running Tues/Wed/Thursday at this point as the specific day has not been confirmed. These courses are NOT running 3 days a week.


While all courses will be online for students to work at their own pace there will be synchronous teaching as well that professors recommend to maximize student success. Many courses have been scheduled in the late afternoons in order to accommodate our students day school commitments.


Spring courses are not yet available for other colleges.


If you have any questions, please contact your guidance counsellor for additional details.


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