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Alternative Programs (click image to play video)



Curricular Supports

9 IDC packages + SHSM for Hospitality and Construction

See Interdisciplinary Program Descriptions page
Also see ACES Pilot Final Report 


Credit Resource Centre (CRC)

Students repeat a course they have been previously unsuccessful in. The emphasis is on Grade 9/10 LDCC and Applied level courses. Students who are significantly behind in their credit count may also be placed in the CRC


Camp I Can/Credit Completion

The Fletcher's Meadow Summer Camp I Can program provides grade 9 and 10 students with the opportunity to recover a previously unsuccessful compulsory credit AND improve his/her literacy and numeracy skills. The FMSS Summer Camp I Can is an extension of the regular day school Credit Recovery Program and is combined with a Counting on You literacy/numeracy program.


Credit Completion

A student recommended for Credit Completion will have the credit deferred on the report card. The mark column will be left blank and the comment will reflect that the course is not yet complete and Credit Completion has been recommended.

The student completes the course during the multi period or after school and is supervised by a member of the Alternative Programs department/Administration.


Counting on You (COY)

COY is an after school program designed to help students improve his/her literacy skills and transfer this learning to all subject areas. These programs are meant to be very engaging in nature are usually voluntary for the student.


F.A.A.ST. Mentoring

This student to student Mentoring Program provides support for grade 9 students identified as potentially having difficulty with the transition to high school. The mentoring is provided by grade 11 and 12 students.


Peer Tutoring

Subject specific tutoring during the school day


Contact Program

The primary objective of this support program is to teach social skills, to assist students with problem solving and conflict management skills, to provide emotional support and monitoring of academic progress.

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