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Interdisciplinary Packages


2 credit package includes the following:

Dramatic Arts – Acting Specialization - ADG 4M0
Dramatic Arts – Production – ADD 4M0

The Package Overview: This specialized course concentrates on building a foundation in the craft of acting, using training techniques rooted in the theater but applicable to screen acting. Acting students completing this package are more prepared to market themselves as actors or business people.

Audition and cold reading techniques, resume preparation and career marketing are only a few of the skills provided that will better equip the Acting Academy graduate to work in the highly competitive fields of theatre, film, television, and other business related careers. Successful candidates of this audition only course will create their own Theatre Company where they will learn how to market the company and eventually mount and perform in their own theatre production. Students will learn how to raise money to fund their company and how to write a business plan, while honing their acting skills through monologue presentations, method acting classes and relationship scenes.

This groundbreaking package is not for the faint of heart. It will require an extraordinary dedication and respect for the art and craft of acting. This intense curriculum demands self-discipline, organization and a determination to challenge one's own limits. Only students who are willing and capable to take on this challenge are encouraged to audition.

Some of the projects included:

The Actor’s Notebook

Daily Dissertations

Branding the Acting Class

Developing a Business Card and a Business Plan


Movie Analysis & Film Critiquing

Canadian Theatre Company Research (i.e. Factory Theatre)

Job Shadow Placement

Agency Representation & Research

Professional Audition Preparation

Relationship Scenes (Method Acting)

Famous Tragic Actor Monologue

Press Release Kit

Most Up & Coming Artist Showcase

Guest Artist and Field Trips

This package course will be enhanced with guest artists and field trips. Some of the trips offered are:

The Rose Theatre,

Factory Theatre

Yorkdale Movie Theatre

Indigo Bookstore

Much on Demand

City TV Tour

National Film Board

The Hour Talk Show

Live Theatre Performances including Dinner Theatre

A 5 day trip to New York City

And more!

The Media Production Package (Director’s Craft)

4 Credit Package includes the following:

Acting for TV & Film – ADV 3M0
Communication Technology Graphics – TGJ 3M0
Music & Computers – AMM 3M0
Media English – EMS 3O0

The Package Overview: This interdisciplinary arts program combines the skills of Acting for TV & Film, Computer Music Production, Communication Technology (graphic design, photography, desktop publishing, digital video) and Media English ~ all delivered through a common project-based approach. Students will create market and brand their own MEDIA COMPANY. Students will also explore who they are as artists and how art impacts society and affects change in the world using the PRODUCT (RED) Campaign as the model to be inspi(RED) by.

This approach is born out of a passionate belief that our youth have a collective sense of strength, justice, humanity and love. Together we have the power and energy to make a difference as “Artists of Influence”. This will be done throughout the semester and the final project ~ a social issue based Documentary that will empower our students to “Be the change you want to see” ~ GHANDI

FOUR major tasks that will be completed include:

Creating, marketing and developing a MEDIA COMPANY. This includes creating a company name, logo and corporate look; creating t-shirts and other marketing material to promote the media company

Using graphic design, photography, desktop publishing and digital video to create a MAGAZINE COVER, HOLLYWOOD POSTER AND VIDEO MONTAGE with original music

Creating and producing a LIFESTYLE TALKSHOW

Creating a social issues based Documentary

Guest Artist and Field Trips
This course will be enhanced with exclusive opportunities only for students enrolled in this special Media Package. They include:

Guest Artists
• Jeff Salem (musician and workshop leader)
• Subliminal (spoken word artist, recording artist, actor and producer)
• Andrea Bain (talk show host from acclaimed show Three Takes on the Slice Network)
• Naela Choudary (TV producer and broadcaster)

• Harbourfront Experimental Digital Film Workshop
• Harbourfront Hip Hop Culture Workshop
• Hot Docs Film Festival

Field Trips
• Movie & A Book Excursion
• Factory Theatre
• Distillery District
• Much on Demand
• National Film Board
• Toronto Film Festival
• CBC Building & The Hour Talk Show
• New York City

Your Resident Experts
• Acting for TV & Film – K. Thomas
• Media English – K. Thomas
• Communication Technology – G. Mazzuca
• Computer & Music Production – P. Llew- Williams


The Yearbook Package is a two credit course, in which students will receive a grade 11 Media Arts credit and a grade 11 Communication Technology credit. Students will be creating the book in Adobe In Design; page layout software as well as Adobe Photoshop,which is used to manipulate photographs. Yearbook is a unique course, in that students are exposed to a variety of Media opportunities including; Journalism, Graphic Design, Photography, Desktop Publishing and Marketing.

Our Yearbook received a 2nd place award from the Canadian Yearbook Review in 2006 and we are aiming for first place in 2008!

Yearbook students Jessica Hall and Alex McKoy along with grade 10 History students helped create a 2 sided full colour plaque based on the history of Fletcher's Meadow and it's surrounding area. Teachers Simona Laiu and Giovanni Mazzuca served as mentors yet it was the students who used their creative talents to create it. The plaque will be displayed permantently at the new Cassie Campbell Sports Complex when it is completed

Student photo
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