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Our English teachers are passionate about teaching the knowledge and skills related to the subject. We have a wide variety of texts that are both traditional and contemporary; many of which are reflective of our students’ backgrounds and experiences. We strive to deliver lessons that are engaging and help students to make connections between their own experiences and other subjects. In addition we encourage students to reflect on their learning in order to experience success.

Tips for Supporting Students Taking English

  • Encourage your children to read a variety of texts (novels, magazines, the newspaper, graphic texts such as flyers, transportation schedules etc.)
  • Ask your children about what they are reading in school. This will allow you an opportunity to get insights into your child’s experiences with reading and may give you opportunities to share your own experiences with literature.
  • Talk to your children about how YOU read (good readers naturally pause and reflect, re-read difficult passages, make connections between what is being read and other information). Students who struggle with reading don’t always know how to use strategies to read and interpret texts.
  • Explain to students how the skills they are learning are transferable and relevant to the “real world”. For example, in English we do oral presentations – explain to students how developing good presentation skills can help when presenting information to colleagues.
  • Discuss media messages with your children. As you are watching t.v, listening to the radio etc., discuss what students think the implicit and explicit messages are and why.
  • Encourage your children to talk to the teacher if they are having difficulty. Sometimes students are too shy to ask questions in class, but teachers are always happy when students make the effort to go before/after school or on their lunch to get assistance.
  • Remind your child to keep his/her work! On writing tasks, teachers often make comments about how students can improve. Encourage your child to keep their work and refer to the comments when students are polishing their written work so that they do not repeat the same mistakes and can see where improvements can be made.
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