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All of the language courses at Fletcher’s Meadow Secondary School emphasize the development of oral communication, reading and writing skills using broad-based vocabulary themes. Through conversations, drills, music and presentations, students learn to understand and to speak French and Spanish. Our moderns team has a combined total of more than 40 years of experience teaching languages. We have travelled widely in order to perfect our communication skills and to experience first-hand the cultures which we hope to introduce to our students. We are passionate and committed to inspiring our students to make the world a better place by learning to appreciate the language and cultures of others.

Advice from FMSS Grade 9s to New Students

The following pieces of advice were written by students enrolled in the Grade 9 French program at FMSS:

Buy a good dictionary and learn how to use it properly. Love your dictionary, when you look up a word, read the rest of the page too to widen your vocabulary.

Pay attention to your Grade 8 French course and don’t throw out your notes. Review, review, review over the summer.

Be on time for classes because the teacher will start without you in Grade 9 and you’ll miss important stuff.

It’s hard work, so just do it. Stay focused!
Pay attention, listen and take notes (always have a sheet of paper and a pen to jot down new vocabulary. Also, ask questions!)

You don’t have to understand every word of every sentence, just pick out words you know and try to make sense of it – pay attention to gestures and facial expressions.

There are some really useful (and really fun) websites where you can practice verbs and vocabulary.

Review your regular and irregular verbs often and try to put them into sentences. Whether you are in academic or applied level French, you still have to know the verbs and vocabulary that you learned in Grade 8.

Ask for help when you need it!

Try to notice patterns when memorizing things in French.

Start studying from the day you know you have a test scheduled.

Speak French – challenge yourself and always try to answer in French to improve your pronunciation. Participate actively in class and practice reading out loud at home. In class the majority of your conversations should be in French – or at least make an attempt!

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