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The Fletcher's Meadow S.S. Mathematics Department was the proud recipient of the Ken Fryer Award presented by OAME (Ontario Association of Mathematics Education) for the top department in the province in the 2005-2006 school year. It was awarded for overwhelming collegiality, implementation of new curriculum and innovative programs with new technology.

Learning Technology

Technology has had an impact on many aspects of our lives including education.  Students in math will use graphing technology, internet-enabled devices and apps to explore and invetigate mathematical concepts.  In addition to using technology to explore math, students will need to use Google Classroom to remain up to date on assignments and at times to post work as evidence of their learning.

Grade 8 Review Resources

The Grade 8 Review package and the Grade 8 Review Diagnostic Test. are resources that students can work through in order to ensure that they are ready for the content that we will cover in Grade 9.



All students enrolled in Grade 9 Applied and Academic math are required to write the Grade 9 EQAO Assessment on Math.  The timing of the assissment is at the end of each semester.

Math Extra Help

In order to address misconceptions and to act on feedback provided in class, students should take the initiative and ask for help whenever necessary.  They should speak to their teacher and make an appointment to see them at a mutually agreed upon time.  Teachers are usually available at lunch and after school.


Also see online resources: - Students practice skills and do a quick

review test after. - This site has short videos that review many concepts. - Homework help provides online extra help for students in Grades 7-10.

Math Contests

Students who are interested in enrichment opportunities can join the math contest club.  The club meets on a regular basis and participates in a variety of contests.








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