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Getting involved with your teen’s education is one way to boost their learning. When schools and parents work together, students are more motivated and engaged in their school experience. Reviewing study tip sheets, volunteering and participating in school council are all ways to show your teen that you value his or her education.

 What Parents Can Do


Fletcher's Meadow has a current enrolment over 1700 students. A wonderfully diverse and multicultural student body.

Your patience and perseverance got them to high school and while it may seem a long way from Kindergarten, your attention and involvement is needed now just as much, if not more, to get them ALL the way through.

Did you know that 25% of students starting high school don't graduate? A startling number when you think that 1 in 4 won't have a high school diploma to take into the next stage of their lives.

They may tell you that they have it all under control and that you don't need to get involved with their school. Think back. You thought you had it all under control too. Retrospect is looking at something from a different vantage point, through more experienced eyes, and you're at that point. Support and guidance is of extreme importance RIGHT NOW.

High school is just as challenging a time for our children as it is for us, but the responsibility is solely ours to stay informed about and involved in their school.

Fortunately, Fletcher's Meadow S.S. has a dedicated staff with varied resources, who are ready and willing to enlighten and lead us through the numerous course and career choices, academic obstacles, and opportunities for career development.

Together, our goal is to guide our children towards personal and professional growth and self-sufficiency.

What Can Parents Do Presentation

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