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The Literacy Test is on
March 31st, 2020
8:45 - 12:15
Fletcher's OSSLT Preparation




*New for the 2019-2020 school year!*

The official FMSS Online Literacy Test Prep is available on D2L to ALL students. This online quiz platform uses questions from previous OSSLT's AND provides real-time feedback! Check out the link on your D2L site.




Why do I have to write the OSSLT?


To prove that you have acquired the literacy skills (reading and writing) that you are expected to have acquired by the end of Grade 9. Successful completion of the literacy test is one of the requirements students must meet to earn an Ontario Secondary School Diploma.


OSSLT General Assembly April 10 2018.pdf


Helpful Resources and Links 

EQAO Web Site                                               WECDSB's Interactive Site

Getting Ready Guide                                       LDCSB's Interactive Site         

Planning and Preparation Guide                     You Tube Clips on how to do different types of questions

OSSLT Key Words



MC Practice

Responding to Graphical Texts

MC Response to Narrative text with Dialogue

MC Response to Narrative test without Dialogue

Summary Report

Supported Opinion paragraph

Practice Supported Opinion Essay

Practice Supported Opinion Essay #2

News Report

Practice Tests

2006 Literacy Test

2006 Grammar MC Test Questions
2007 Literacy Test

2008 Literacy Test
2009 Literacy Test (Booklet 1)
2009 Literacy Test (Booklet 2)
2009 Multiple Choice Answers

2011 Literacy Test                       

2011 Multiple Choice Answers

2012 Literacy Test


2012 Multiple Choice Answers


2013 Literacy Test (Booklet 1)

2013 Literacy Test  (Booklet 2)

2013 Multiple Choice Answers (Booklet 1)

2013 Multiple Choice Answers (Booklet 2)

2014 Literacy Test

2014 Multiple Choice Answers

2015 Literacy Test 


2015 Student Response BK 


2015 Student Answer Key


2015 Sample Student Responses


Interpreting Informational text

Responding to an Information Paragraph

Reading Graphic Texts

Writing a Summary Paragraph

Writing Summary Paragraphs

Sample Writing a Supported opinion paragraph


Opinion Paragraph Template

Opinion Writing Template for a Series of Paragraphs

Elements of a News Report

Parts of a News Report

News Report Template

Writing a News Report

PowerPoint In-Class Lessons




Grade 9 Graphic text.        

Gr 10 Reading, MC, and Short Ans

Grade 9 Inferencing  

Gr 10 Narrative and Opinion
Grade 9 Supported Opinion          Gr 10 Newspaper Report    
Summary Lead          OSSLT Prep News Report 2017.pdf
OSSLT Prep Supported Opinion Paragraph 2017.pdf
OSSLT Prep Informational and Graphic Text 2017.pdf
OSSLT Prep Narrative_Dialogue 2017.pdf






Are You Writing the Literacy Test for the First Time?


Here’s What You Should Know:

  • The OSSLT (Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test) is on Tuesday, April 10th, 2018. Only students writing the test will attend school on April 10th.
  • There are optional Literacy Test Preparation sessions open to all students.
    • OSSLT Prep sessions are being offered twice a week as part of the COY -Counting on You Program
  • OSSLT Prep sessions are being offered after school in February and March (dates TBA)
  • Camp I Can March Break OSSLT Prep sessions are being offered for 3 days during March Break
  • See Ms. Grindley for more details.


Are You Writing the Literacy Test for the Second Time?


Here’s What You Should Know:

  • Workshops for Grade 11s attempting the test for a second time will be taking place in February and March
  • If you are not sure if you are rewriting the test, please check with your counselor or Ms. Sobec in Student Services
  • Grade 11s will write the test with other Grade 11s in assigned classrooms. You will receive a letter in advance of the test that will tell you where to go on the day of the test.



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