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Click below to review a presentation that you saw during a library period or workshop:


Languages Department:

The Life and Times of William Shakespeare

An Introduction to A Midsummer Night's Dream and Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet  

Grade 12 English: 

How to Write a Summary

Literary Criticism 

Literary Criticism Websites

Poetry & Lyrics Websites


Check out the new McGraw-Hill Ryerson website for English students in grades 9-12: www.ilit.ca  




Excellent Science Resources

Science Research Essay

Science Research Essay Rubric 
How to Write a Science Paper: Some Helpful Hints
Structure of a Science Essay

Research Report in Science 




Evaluating Websites

Websites vs. Databases



Debate Organizer -  PowerPoint Presentation

Some Do's and Don'ts for your debate

Debate Websites

Sample debates on school uniforms:  Video 1 (good) and Video 2  (better)


PowerPoint Presentation Tips:

How to Design an Effective PowerPoint Presentation

A Student Guide:  Death by PowerPoint 


Prezi Tips:

Click here to watch a YouTube video on the Do's and Don'ts of Prezi

The WikiMan's blog on how to construct a good Prezi presentation



Business Report Writing 


Global & Human Studies

Ms. Sotiropoulos' Gr. 12 English class:
Click here to access some recommended Adolescent Issues websites.
Mr. Gale's Conspiracy Assignment:
Click here for some helpful hints to help guide your investigation.
Ms. Sotiropoulos Gr. 9 Research Assignment:
Inquriry Research Presentation
Tips on how to search online
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