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Essay Writing Tips


Click here to get help with your thesis statement

What is the Active and Passive Voice?

Literary Essay Outline Template

The Essentials of a Literary Essay

Persuasive Writing Template

How to Write a Comparison Paragraph

How to Write a Good Analytical Paragraph






Visit http://plagiarism.org/ for everything you've ever wanted to know about plagiairsm, citing sources, bibiliographies, formatting, and completing assignments that are yours and yours alone.


How To Avoid Plagiarism - a three minute video by EasyBib

How to Paraphrase - a three minute video by EasyBib

Why Do I Have to Cite? - a three minute video by EasyBib


Need help citing a source?  Click here to visit the Source It website from PDSB and here for the full document.  Visiting these links will answer all your questions about citations.


Helpful websites for creating a Bibliography or Works Cited page:


www.EasyBib.com  Free trial expires April 29 - this site is highly recommended to students.





Check out this YouTube clip on an easy way to cite your sources.


Having trouble navigating through Google?  Click here for some quick and easy tips.


Click here to view MLA Essay format on YouTube.


Citing Sources and Avoiding Plagiarism Presentation



OSLA Plagiarism in 2012

Plagiarism 2012


Avoid Research Traps & Plagiarism

Source It Right 

How to Avoid Plagiarism 

Combatting Plagiarism


MLA Formatting:  English, Art, Drama Assignments

How to Format Your Paper Using MLA
MLA Rules and Sample Esay
Sample MLA Works Cited Page
Sample of an Annotated MLA Works Cited Page
MLA Tracking Sheet
APA Formatting:  Science, Health, Business, Psychology, Geography, Sociology Assignments
APA Tracking Sheet
How to set up your paper using APA
APA Style Presentation
Guide to Referencing your APA sources 
Chicago Formatting:  History & some Art Assignments 
Chicago Manual of Style
U of T Chicago Formatting Advice
Chicago Tracking Sheet
Helpful Formatting Tracking Sheets & Exemplars
Webpage Tracking Sheet 
How to cite a TWEET using MLA & APA

Need some tips on how to phrase your search terms for more accurate hits?  Click here.


Click here to go to www.turnitin.com


Click here to investigate quick and easy ways to avoid plagiarism.


Reasearch Skills in 2012 (senior students will find this interesting)


Primary vs. Secondary documents

More information on primary vs secondary documents


To help you better understand plagiarism click on this tutorial called You Quote it, You Note it!. Once the page loads, click on RESTART to begin and NEXT to for each slide.


And to better understand research, click on this tutorial called Credible Sources Count, courtesy of the Vaughn Public Library.  The tutorial begins immediately and will help you evaluate your sources.


The World Fact Book
The Atlas of Canada
World Atlas
Biography Channel
Online Newspapers
Online Magazines

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