Special Education
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A Mentorship Program that is created by the students for the students


Group Description:

A group of senior students that was developed to tailor to the needs of junior students at this school through a variety of approaches: scholastic support, character improvement, and other practical guidance (i.e. attending school, positive citizenship and involvement in the community etc.).


Organizational Skills Presentation:

An interactive presentation to grade 9’s, in the first few weeks of school.  The purpose is to share with students some strategies, tips and the importance of being organized in High School.  We believed that organization is a key to success and that developing this area will offer a sound basis for further scholastic skills.


One-on-One Peer Mentorship:

This constitutes a one-on-one tutoring in the academic subjects as well as for social and emotional support. We believe that supplementing the students’ in-class knowledge not only prepares them better but also reinforces the learning objectives.


HANDS Program:

This is an integration of monthly character traits in effort to enrich the student’s attitude towards life and learning. We believe that the key to success is attitude and by developing a positive and healthy attitude and feeling success, students will be more apt to develop lifelong skills far beyond their secondary education.

For example, “Spot-n’-Snap” is a monthly activity involving pH photographers spotting students demonstrating the monthly trait.  If one of our photographers spots a student doing a good deed that reflects that month’s theme, then the student is publicly recognized and may win some awesome prizes. We want encourage areas of development like citizenship (participate more in interscholastic activities), respectful behavior and kind acts.


Exam Preparation Workshop – for grade 9 students:

pH’s co-facilitate an interactive grade 9 workshop on how to prepare for their first experience of writing exams.


Transition to High School:

Grade 8’s are invited to participate in a day- long event, which includes a series of activities to introduce future Glenforest Students to our school. 




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