Special Education
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How does a grade 8 student qualify for the Enhanced Program?
A student must be identified as "Exceptional: Intellectually Gifted". Identification is made at the elementary level by an Identification, Placement Review Committee (IPRC) and referred to the Glenforest Secondary School annual intake IPRC in April, or at a Glenforest Secondary School IPRC based on a psychoeducational assessment. Your grade 8 school counsellor will make these arrangements within Peel D.S.B.

Is bussing provided?
The Peel District School Board and the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board operate a joint transportation system that provides bussing service for thousands of students each year. Gifted students attending the Regional Enhanced Secondary Learning Program at their designated centre do qualify for bussing; the Peel District School Board Transportation Department then uses specific criteria to decide whether a student is within walking distance. In order to qualify for transportation, the student’s residence should be farther than 4.8 km from the school.
Please note that the board makes the final decision over students’ eligibility and Glenforest Secondary School cannot determine the final decision.
For more information, please visit www.stopr.ca.

Do students take all of their classes at the Enhanced level?
The core subjects (English, Mathematics, Geography, History and Science) are offered at the Enhanced level, and specific senior grade credits. Other subjects are offered at the Academic, Open or Applied levels. The means that gifted students also take credits with the full range of Glenforest students, building relationships and friendships within the whole school, while enjoying an enriched program focused on their needs and talents.

Does a student's transcript show the 'E' (Enhanced) course codes?
The Enhanced course code (sixth digit) is dropped on the OSSD transcript. On request, staff of Glenforest Secondary School write letters of reference for students for admission and/or scholarships, with reference to the Enhanced Learning Program as appropriate.

What is the process for applying from a private or a separate school?
Application from a private school or the separate school system will require a visit to the school with proof of address and a copy of the psychoeducational assessment report for prescreening. Subsequent routine registration procedures apply. Once the paperwork has been checked, registration can be started; expect the IPRC to take place in the fall.

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