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Glenforest Secondary School


International Baccalaureate




PEEL Public School Board General IB Programme Information


What Social Media is used for IB at Glenforest?

Instagram:  GlenforestIB
Twitter:  @GlenforestIB

Student Services:  @GFSS_Guidance



Can I apply to IB at Glenforest?

Use your current home address to search for your secondary school: 



What is the link to apply? 

Admission online:  http://tinyurl.com/GlenforestIB




Post Secondary studies?

Graduates from Glenforest S.S. are well prepared for post secondary studies.

Our IB grad students are studying at many different universities across

Canada and around the World.


How can I find more information about the IB Programme?

Refer to the IBO website www.ibo.org about the International Baccalaureate Programme.


What kind of a student is a good candidate for IB?
The characteristics of the IB student are outlined in the IB Learner Profile

We have found that students with strong academic marks, who are well rounded individuals, involved in extracurricular activities, who like school and want to learn, and who are interested in an international perspective are successful students.


What is the I.B. Academic Honesty document? - click here



IB Office


If I have any more questions, what is the best way to get in touch with the IB Coordinators?
Via email. We will do our best to get back to you within 72 hours.

Email addresses are listed on the website.


Grades 9 & 10 IB?

Middle Years Programme - MYP – grades 9 and 10


Grades 11 & 12 - IB DP?

Diploma Programme – DP - grades 11 and 12


Is the IB office open in the summer time?

During July and August the IB office is closed at Glenforest SS.




What is the student's Managebac account?

Managebac is a web-based platform which allows IB students to manage and record their progress on the Personal Project, Creativity Action Service, the Extended Essay, Theory of Knowledge and the courses they are taking.  It is also our main form of communication with the students. Students are responsible for checking their account for updates and the calendar for due dates and deadlines.



IB Information Night


When is the Grade 8 Information night?

Details will be posted on the school website.

The night's format is a PowerPoint presentation with a brief question period.


Do I need to sign-up for the Grade 8 Information Night?

No sign-up is required.  Space is limited. One parent and student.


I missed the Grade 8 IB Parents' night. Will there be another date?

There is only one IB information night. The grade 8 parent night scheduled for January is
not specific to IB. Please visit the Glenforest website for information on the IB Programme.


What is MYP?

The MYP Programme is a unique pedagogical framework where students learn about Global Contexts, complete a Personal Project and are assessed using International Criteria. Successful completion of the MYP Programme leads to the IB DP Programme in Grade 11 and 12.


What is DP?

The DP Programme is a 2 year comprehensive programme of study leading to Post Secondary Education.  Completion of the MYP Programme is the pre-requisite for the DP Programme at Glenforest SS.


What are year-long IB courses at Glenforest SS?

In the MYP Programme 6 of the 8 classes run year-long.

In DP in grade 11, 2 courses are year-long and in grade 12, 3 courses are year-long.


What is the difference between Advance Placement (AP) and IB World School?



- taken on a course-by-course basis

- mark is based solely on an end of term AP exam


IB World School

- opportunity for university transfer credits (post-secondary institution intake process)

- advanced placement in university

- graduate with a dual language IB World School diploma and an Ontario Secondary School diploma

- offers a complete program and diploma

- marks determined by both internal assessment and final IB exams


Do students require additional materials?

The school offers access to an extensive group of Databases and membership in Managebac which supports the students and teachers in meeting the expectations of in MYP and DP.  In addition, it is recommended but not mandatory for students to have a laptop to do their school course work.


What is the Group 2 language subject?

Which language is offered as the Second Language studied in the IB Programme at Glenforest?
Yes, French SL is the only Group 2 course that is offered at Glenforest S.S. and is a
requirement of the IB diploma. The course is offered at the standard level in grade 11
and 12. Successful IB students are comfortable reading and writing in French.



Admissions -

Grade 9 Registration current PEEL Public school, and non-Peel or Catholic board students


What is the catchment area for Glenforest MYP?

See the PEEL Regional Program web page for details.


How do you decide which students are admitted into the Programme?

A committee reviews the applications and makes a determination.


Is the application process for IB online?

Yes, registration information is listed online after the info night. Check web for details.


Dates to apply?

Check the website for Registration opening and closing dates.


When is the deadline to submit registration applications?

Important dates are listed on the Glenforest website – please check for updates.


Can I come in and pick up an application package from the main office?

Application is completed by the student online from this website.


Are teacher letters of reference needed to apply?

No teacher reference letters are required.


What if I don't have a Peel Public School Student Number – (I am a non Peel public student)

Each student who applies will be issued an application reference number.

Leave the Peel public student number blank.

Only after placements in the Programme will a Peel public number will be assigned.


What is an OEN?
The OEN (Ontario Education Number) is a provincial student number which is

listed on report cards.


What is an IEP?
The IEP is an "Individual Education Plan".
Non PEEL students with an IEP need to send a copy of the IEP with the application fee.


Can applicants make an appointment to discuss their application with the Principal

or the IB Coordinators?

It is not possible for us to meet with each applicant individually. We receive many
applications and find the most effective way to handle questions is by email to the



Regional Program Boundaries


Which school offering IB can I apply too?

Go to the Peel District Regional Program web page for boundary details.


I am not a Peel public student, can I still apply?

Yes, non-Peel public students may apply online.


Do not live in Mississauga, can I still apply?

After review these students will be contacted but do need to live in Mississauga to

attend Glenforest SS.

* important * - proof of home address and contact information are required to keep the student's records up-to-date.



Grade 9 IB MYP application and placement fees


Application Processing Fee?

Non-refundable. Amount is listed on the application web page.

Online payment by credit card, 

or cash or cheque in person at the school’s main office.

Cheques payable to: Glenforest S.S.

Print student's # and name on the memo line of the cheque.


How are offers of placement given?

Offers are emailed to selected students.


What is the Grade 9 IB placement / IB Programme fee?

Students who accept their offer are to confirm​ by paying the 

non-refundable placement fee.


Application status?

Student file status will be communicated by email.


How will I find out if I have been accepted into the Programme?

Student will be notified of their acceptance by email.


If I change my mind, are the fees refundable?
The application fee and acceptance fee are non refundable.


Change of student’s and parent contact information?

Students are responsible to maintain their school record which includes:

parent phone numbers, home address, current parent email.



Grade 10 IB MYP


Can I join the Programme in Grade 10?

Do not apply online.

There are very few spaces available in grade 10.  Applicants will be

assessed on an individual basis.  Please email our MYP Coordinator

with specific questions and scan and send your most recent

report card for intake review.


What is the Programme fee for IB Grade 10 students?

The fee is due in February of the grade 9 year.

Payment online by credit card.


IB grade 10 Course fee payments:

School Cash Online, payments by credit card.

Register and create your profile:  https://peelschools.schoolcashonline.com/

For more information contact Parent Helpdesk:  1-866-961-1803

or   [email protected]



Grades IB DP 11 & 12


Can I join the IB DP Programme in Grade 11?

In order to join the IB DP Programme in Grade 11, students must meet

the pre-requisite course requirements and have completed either a MYP or Pre DP,

or the DP Programme at an IB World School.


I am an IB student from another IB school, can I join your Programme

in Grade 12?

It is very difficult to join the IB Programme mid-way through.

Email our IB DP Coordinator with your specific questions.


What are the course fees for the grade 11 and 12 year?

1st payment due by February of the Grade 10 year.

Payment online by credit card.


IB Course fee payments:

School Cash Online, using credit card.

Register and create your profile:  https://peelschools.schoolcashonline.com/

For more information contact Parent Helpdesk:  1-866-961-1803

or   [email protected]


Student change of IB status


If I decide to come out of the IB Programme, can I still stay at Glenforest S.S.?

First, the student is to contact the Coordinator and the Glenforest SS Student Services department.

Students who do not continue in the IB Programme are expected to return to their home school as per the Peel Boards Regional Program Policy.





Is there a bus service available for IB students?

There is no longer an IB private bus service.

Students are to arrange their own way to school.


Thank you for your interest in the IB Programme offered at GFSS.


Glenforest Secondary School

3575 Fieldgate​ Drive, Mississauga, ON L4X 2J6


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