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Glenforest Secondary School


International Baccalaureate




IB MYP Programme, Grades 9 & 10


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MYP a Reflective Learner









IB MYP Programme


The Middle Years Programme (MYP) engages students in a liberal arts program that provides a solid platform for future studies in all disciplines and a clear continuum through to the Diploma Programme.


The MYP as pedagogy, grounds teaching and learning in a cross-curricular approach and provides students the essential skills for learning how  to learn, as well as develop their independent critical thinking skills through the completion of the Personal Project.


The MYP focuses on the development of the whole student, and encourages students to take on leadership roles within the school and the larger community.


The IB Middle Years Programme provides a well balanced approach to curriculum offerings, and  students study English, mathematics, sciences, technology, physical and health education, the arts (drama, music, visual art), humanities and French through both years.


The MYP Programme will replace the existing Pre IB Programme at Glenforest S.S. The expectation is that students who successfully complete the MYP Programme at Glenforest S.S. will continue in the IB Diploma Programme in grade 11 and 12


Suitable Candidates


A successful IB candidate needs to:

·  Be a motivated student who has curiosity and a zest or love for learning.

·  Accept challenges readily and is willing to take initiative.

·  Be able to learn independently, gets along well with others in a group - an essential element to effective team-building.

·  Display solid academic potential, high academic standing and a broad range of academic and other interests.

·  Have at least 80% in English, Science and Mathematics - essential to future success in all subjects.    

·  Display an excellent command of spoken and written language and a commitment to second-language (French) learning.

·  Be actively involved in the extracurricular life of the school and the broader community and demonstrate a capacity and willingness to assume a leadership position.

·  Have an interest in issues beyond our community and demonstrate an appreciation for, and a sensitivity to, other cultures and perspectives.



Applicant Expectations


Due to the limited number of acceptances offered by the IB Programme, it is recommended that applicants meet certain expectations outlined below:




Due to the academically rigorous nature of the IB Programme, it is recommended that applicants attain at least an 80% average in their grade eight year, with emphasis placed on English, Science, and Math. Students unable to keep up a high average in middle school may struggle in the IB Programme.



  • Four (4) types of reports throughout the year – progress, first, second, final
  • No reporting in January
Report Type:Report card issued in:
Progress report (learning skills, comments if necessary)October
First report (learning skills, comments & percentage mark)November
Second report (learning skills, comments & percentage mark)April
Final report (learning skills, comments & percentage mark)June

 Note:  MPM 2D8 and MCR3U8 are semestered and report as a regular semestered class



Work Habits:


Applicants should have solid study habits and a strong work ethic. Although high marks in middle school are beneficial towards high school success, they are not the only factor. In other words, applicants need to be willing to spend long hours studying and learning. In order to be successful, applicants need to have a strong focus on improvement and make a solid commitment to attendance.


Graduate Expectations:


In order to make the most out of the IB experience, students need to make a strong commitment to their studies on a regular basis and all students should strive to improve and continuously reflect on their strengths and target areas to improve.


IB Course fee payments:

School Cash Online

Register and create your profile:  https://peelschools.schoolcashonline.com/

For more information contact Parent Helpdesk:  1-866-961-1803

or   [email protected]



Thank you for your interest in the IB Programme here at GFSS.

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