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What is MiWay?

MiWay is an efficient, effective and eco-friendly mode of transportation in Mississauga. There are over 80 routes that service more than 3,600 bus stops. MiWay offers MiLocal (orange buses) and MiExpress (blue buses). MiLocal services school routes and local routes (neighb​ourhoods); making it accessible for high school students! You can pay for your bus ride with a cash fare, monthly pass, PRESTO card or by purchasing tickets.

Benefits of using MiWay
  • MiWay connects cities through other transit systems: Brampton Transit, Oakville Transit, TTC and GO Transit!
  • Flexible bus schedules; buses arrive in 20 minute intervals to one stop
Trip Planning
  • Click n' Ride (available on the MiWay website); shows you all the possible routes and buses you could take to help you determine the most efficient for your trip
  • Routes and Schedules (also available on the MiWay website)
  • CityLink: 905-615-4BUS (4287); customer service line you can call to find information about the status of your bus


What is PRESTO?

PRESTO is a convenient reload-able bus fare card. Simply tap your card, check your balance and enjoy your trip!

  • Economics: High school students pay $2.25 opposed to the normal $3.25 cash fare 
  • Emergencies: PRESTO allows you to have a negative balance on your card ONE TIME in case an emergency does occur. You would pay for your free ride during your next deposit
  • Security: If you lose your card/it gets stolen, you can inform the Square One Bus Terminal and your balance will be protected. You then can purchase a new card. 

MiWay is currently building a 18 km long Transitway that will service the MiExpress buses. Just like the GO trains, MiExpress buses have their own routes separate from the common roads. Four stations have been built: Tomken, Central Parkway, Cawthra and Dixie stations. There are still 8 more stations to be built! MiWay has built 4 heated shelters so far with free wifi, 100% accessible with elevators and ramps and have vending machines. The NEW Mississauga Transitway addresses traffic congestion and provides the needed transportation alternative. 

For more information, see the Glenforest MiWay weebly​ page and the official MiWay​ website. ​

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