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A yearbook is just one of the ways students can stay connected to their high school experience. This important keepsake captures the school year in pictures and words, and helps students remember their experiences.

Creating a memorable yearbook takes work, preparation and focus. High school yearbooks generally cover a wide variety of topics from academics, student life, sports and other major school events.


Augmented Reality

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Sharing Pictures with Yearbook


Have some pictures of an school event? Cool activity? Friends hanging out?
Share them with your yearbook!

3 easy ways to do it:
From your computer: Click here for the website

iPhone: Click here to download the free app from iTunes

Android: Click here to download the free app from Google Play

School Code: glenforest (all lower case)

Be sure to include names of people in the picture where possible.


Note: uploading pictures implies you are giving consent for the pictures to be used in the yearbook.

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