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Regional Programs at Gordon Graydon


Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Program    

This regional program at Gordon Graydon provides academic and behavioural support for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Students access the ASD room as a home-base for academic and emotional support while also integrating into mainstream classes.   Placement into the program is through a Peel Board Office IPRC.



Graphic Design Management (Flexography) Program  (GDM)

Graphic Design Management (Flexography) is a rapidly growing, high technology, package print technology that has an insatiable demand for managers, structural designers, graphic designers, and ink chemists, accountants and operations people. In addition to creating packaging products this 350 billion dollar industry is also involved in the production of magazines, newspapers, paper towels, paper cups etc.  Graydon is the host to this challenging and exclusive regional program open to students in the Peel District School Board through an application process.

Graphic Design Management (Flexography) students typically choose a pathway to management at Ryerson University's exclusive four year graphics communication management program, the graphic design program at York University or other universities, the two year packaging program offered at Mohawk College or employment in the industry following graduation.

The program will expose students to all aspects of the industry as well as the designing and producing of industry standard products. The program is financed and supported by many associated businesses resulting in the elimination of fees. Students may apply in grade 9, 10 or 11.  A co-operative education placement is required in grade 11 or 12. 


International, Business and Technology Program  (IBT)

The International, Business and Technology (IBT) Program is an innovative program at Gordon Graydon which enriches and extends the traditional secondary school curriculum in order to prepare students for the challenges of an increasingly complex world.  


For more information on the IBT program:  the application process, admission procedures, school bus transportation to the program, curriculum details, extra curricular activities, post secondary destinations etc. Please go to the IBT link from the home page of this website.



Vocational Program      

The Vocational Program at Gordon Graydon is designed for students who have had ongoing and significant difficulty with academic success for many years in elementary school and require program modifications and accommodations to ensure success at the secondary level.  


All students in the Vocational program at Gordon Graydon have been identified as exceptional (communications, intellectual, physical or behavioural) by an Identification, Placement and Review Committee (IPRC). These students take a combination of locally developed, essential and workplace courses.  Many of these students are working towards an Ontario Secondary School Diploma while others work towards achievement of a Secondary School Certificate. Most students in the vocational program take a pathway directly to the workplace from secondary school.


Two levels of vocational level programming are available at Gordon Graydon and placement is determined by a Gordon Graydon IPRC:



Vocational Level I: (Special Basic) This is a small enrolment program for exceptional students with severe learning difficulties and developmental delays. These students are usually identified as Exceptional-Intellectual and they are working at grades 1, 2 or 3 levels in academic work. The teacher student ratio in these classes is very low to accommodate these students’ learning challenges. Students in the Vocational One program earn half credits and are working towards a Secondary School Certificate and/or a Certificate of Accomplishment.


Vocational Level II:  This is a modified program for students who are identified as exceptional and who have significant learning difficulties and developmental delays. These students are working at grades 4, 5 or 6 levels in academic work. The teacher student ratio in these classes is very low to accommodate these students’ learning challenges. Students in the Vocational Two program earn full credits and are working towards an Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

Peel students routinely engage in school-based programs intended to boost learning and support pathway success.

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