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Frequently Asked Questions:


Where can I find:


 What kind of a student is a good candidate for IB?

  • Students with strong academic marks
  • Well rounded individuals
  • Involved in extracurricular activities
  • Interested in an international perspective
  • Students who want to learn, like school, and like to work on school work  

How can I contact the IB coordinator or IB Administrator?

IB DP coordinator:  Mr. C. Parker    [email protected]


IB Administrator: Ms. L. Gayle         [email protected]


 If I decide to leave the IB program, can I still stay at Harold M. Brathwaite S.S.?

Students who do not continue in the IB program are expected to return to their home school as per the Peel board’s regional program policy. 

Busing: Is there busing available for IB students?

The Peel District School Board does not provide busing for students attending regional programs.  Parents must arrange their own transportation for their child.


Many of our students use Brampton Transit. Some of our students use a private busing service.



IB Registration- Current Peel and non-Peel students:


Is the IB application to be completed online?

Yes, students interested in IB must apply online after the IB information night and submit all aspects of the application prior to the application deadline.

Do I have to bring my report card into the school?

Only students who are non-Peel students must provide their Gr. 7  school generated report cards (& IEP if applicable) signed by the Principal or designate.

What dates can we apply?

Only during the admission process time frame.

When is the deadline to submit registration applications?

Important dates are listed under Application Process and Timelines.

Can I come in and pick up an application package from the main office?

No. The application is completed by the student online from this website.

I live south of Bovaird drive, can I still apply to HMBSS?

If you live south of Bovaird drive , the IB program is offered at Turner Fenton S.S.

If you live south of the 401, the IB program is offered at Glenforest S.S. or Erindale S.S.

Students may only apply to the IB program within their boundary.

I am not a Peel student, can I still apply?

Yes, non-Peel students may apply online and provide all other support documents in person to the school:

  • proof of address in Peel in our IB boundary
  • Grade 7 report card
  • Grade 8 midterm progress report

What if I don't have a Peel student number – (I am a non-Peel student)

Each student who applies will be issued an application reference number.

Leave the Peel student number blank.

Only after placements in the program will a Peel number will be assigned. 

What is an OEN?

The OEN (Ontario Education Number) is a provincial student number which is listed on all report cards.

What is an IEP?

An IEP is an "Individual Education Plan".
 If accepted to the program, Non-Peel students with an IEP need to submit a copy of during registatoin to the school.

How does the school decide which students are admitted into the program?

A committee reviews and scores the Application process.

Students within our set benchmark score are selected to be a part of the computer-generated lottery system. 

Students are offered a spot in the program according to this lottery system.

Can applicants make an appointment to discuss their application with the Principal or the IB coordinator?

It is not possible for us to meet with each applicant individually. We receive many applications and find the most effective way to handle questions is by email to the coordinator.

Is there an admission test (Stage 2)?

No. After the applications are scored, a bench mark is determined by the school and students above the bench mark are placed in the lottery.


Fees for application and placement: 


Application processing fee?​

$40.00 – non-refundable

Submit online payment.

What is the placement fee?

Students who accept their IB offer are to confirm by paying a $250.00 program placement fee.


Next steps:


How do I  know the status of my Application?

Student file status will be communicated by email.

How will I find out if I have been accepted into the program?

Students will be notified of their acceptance by email.

If I change my mind, are the fees refundable?

The application fee of $40 is non-refundable. The program fee is refundable prior to starting the program. Once the student has started the program the fee is not refundable.

What if I change the student or parent contact information?

Please make sure that the correct information is used in the application​ system. 



Thank you for your interest in the IB program at Harold M. Brathwaite S.S.!




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