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​Why IB?

The International Baccalaureate Programme offers the committed student the opportunity to earn a Diploma, which is recognized around the world for its excellent, consistent quality. The curriculum is designed so that students gain the critical thinking and application skills necessary for success at the post-secondary level along with an appreciation of other cultures. Students are exposed to all major subject disciplines thus affording them more choices in their future plans. Universities recognize the level of learning by granting second-year standing for good performance in Higher Level subjects.


The value of an IB education with Stanford University’s Debra Von Bargen


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Facts & Figures: The Diploma Programme Around the World



Why does the IB Diploma impress universities?

The IB is strongly committed to the "Liberal Arts Tradition" of education, which also provides the philosophical basis for undergraduate programs in many of the world's leading universities. The academic level of the IB curriculum means that diploma holders are very well prepared for even the most challenging undergraduate courses. It is not just knowledge, which the IB programme imparts, but also the skills (including oral and written expression, and research and analysis) which are essential to success at university. Universities pursue IB candidates because they have tracked IB students and know that they are most likely to finish their studies and to continue to post-graduate work.




Creating a University Application


What about students who do not meet all the IB Diploma requirements?

Any student who is not granted the IB Diploma will be awarded certificates in the subjects they took plus the Grade 12 credits and grades. Students are more successful in their later studies having been exposed to the IB Diploma curriculum with its central elements of Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay and CAS.

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