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Providing student transportation services to the Peel District School Board and the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board

STOPR provides safe and efficient transportation services to and from school each day for students qualifying as eligible for transportation. STOPR plans and implements home to school transportation for approximately 60000 students, over 350 schools with a fleet in excess of 1300 school buses.

The safety of transported students is the highest priority for STOPR. In all aspects of school bus service, from route planning and design through daily operations, safety is always the first consideration.

Please visit the STOPR website for transportation eligibility, up-to-date information regarding delayed buses and bus cancellations due to inclement weather.

The items available in this website, include the following:


·              “About Us” – background information on Student Transportation of Peel Region

·         “Policies and Procedures” – STOPR procedures and Peel and Dufferin-Peel Transportation Policies

·         “FAQ” – frequently asked questions in regards to student transportation

·         “School Forms” – the forms that go with the STOPR procedures

·         “Operators” – a list of all the school bus operators in Peel Region and their telephone numbers

·         “Links” – Ministry of Transportation links ie: booster seat legislation

·         “Contact Us” – STOPR contact telephone numbers by area

·         “Inclement Weather” – updates on a daily basis for inclement weather cancellations

·         “Which School Do I Attend” – a direct link to our Geoquery website

·         “Am I Eligible for Transportation” – a direct link to our Geoquery website

·          “Your Child’s Busing Information” - a direct link to the student login on our Geoquery website

·          Dufferin-Peel CDSB and Peel DSB logos – click one of these logos and it takes you directly to the 

           school board home website page



Geoquery Website


This website also allows parents to login and find their child’s transportation information by following these instructions:

·         type in the website address:  businfo.stopr.ca

·         click “student login”

·         enter your child’s OEN number, street/house number, school  and grade

·         click “login”

This will automatically display the child’s transportation information, if they are eligible.  

This capability for “student login” will be available for parents starting the second last week of August until the end of June each year.  This feature will be locked down during the summer for route planning purposes. 

Additional features of this website are, School Information, Which School Do I Attend and Transportation Eligibility and Delays and Cancellations






Transportation Eligibility Policy:

The Peel DSB Transportation Eligibility Policy:

Kindergarten                                       1.0 km

Grades 1 – 4                                       1.6 km

Grades 5 & 6                                      2.0 km

Grades 7 & 8                                      3.2 km

Secondary                                          4.8 km


The Dufferin-Peel CSB Transportation Eligibility Policy:

Kindergarten –Grade 1                       1.0 km

Grades 2 – 4                                       1.6 km

Grades 5 - 8                                       2.0 km

Secondary                                          4.8 km


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