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Final Evaluations


Informal Exam Schedule Semester 2.pdf


FORMAL EXAM Semester 2.pdf


Final evaluations (i.e. exams, performance tasks, ISU, presentations etc.) will constitute 30% of each course mark and must be completed during the final weeks of the course.


Final evaluations must be completed by the deadline set by the school or written on the specified date.  If a student has missed an exam for medical reasons, a medical certificate must be submitted to the school clearly indicating that the student was too ill to write an exam.  The doctor must also acknowledge the fact that the student is missing a final exam.  The student will have an opportunity to write the exam at another time as determined by the school.  If students do not observe the absolute deadline for a final evaluation, then they may be assigned a mark of zero and their credit may not be granted.


Vacations and other unauthorized absences will not be considered grounds for rewriting a missed final evaluation; students are expected to be in class and they and their family must plan for this accordingly.


If there are serious medical reasons or compassionate grounds for an incomplete final evaluation, the administration will attempt to find a fair resolution.

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