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S.U.C.C.E.S.S Program

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The SUCCESS program is designed for students who are diagnosed with developmental disabilities.  Our program is made up of 6 classes. 

SUCCESS Programs at HB are categorized into four different types of classrooms

Medically Complex (Room 107 and 108) 

Medically complex Medically Medically complex programming has a strong focus on sensory-based activities, physical therapy and basic communication. SLP, PT and OT support is essential in this programming. Many goals are centred around students responding and engaging to different sensory stimuli as well as interacting with others.


Communication (Room 106 and 213)

Communication programming looks to provide tools and strategies to help students communicate needs and wants as well as to help them interact meaningfully with others.  In addition to communication goals, programming will also strongly focus on sensory integration and self-regulation strategies.


​Junior (Room 212)

Students in junior classes generally have higher adaptive skills than those needing medically complex or communications programming. Students in these classes will also have similar strengths and needs in the area of social skills. 

DDR Partially integrated (Room 211)

This program is designed for SUCCESS program students who would benefit from partial integration. Students in this program will integrate into credit bearing classes with support. This initiative provides DD students with the opportunity to be integrated with their peers to learn life skills and social skills necessary for success.


V. Franklin (Department Head)

N. El-Sheikh Ali

S. Hinds-Paul

C. Valda

C. Hatje

A. Blackmore

C. Mason

A. Kell

A. White

K. Kahlon

M. Abrahim

E. Bhalla

H. Banwait



D. Allen

A. Arvay

K. Belcham

T. Calle

J. Carty

J. Chaisson

M. Potocnik

R. Churly

E. Emberg

L. Flynn

S. Chambers

J. Grootenboer

L. Jogbodo

S. Lafantaisie
C. Lowe

S. Martin

M. Micallef

J. McRae

S. Saunders

D. Starkiewicz
S. Tataw

D. Vaillancourt

A. Walsh

A. Wickens

C. Corsaro

J. Glorioso

A. Bamgbose
O. Akinbote







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