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Welcome to Brathwaite Arts. Our focus is to offer student‐focused learning that promotes academic growth, discovery and opportunities in extra‐curricular activities. Through a number of events held throughout the year, students are encouraged to learn new skills, trades, and improve oral and visual communication abilities.


F. Palmieri (deparment head)


B. Jones
R. Martin


Visual Arts
P. Johnson
A. Robitaille


D. Wilson


T. Hanemann

 A. Wade



ADA1O0 – Drama G. 9
ADA2O0 – Drama G.10
ADA3M0 – Drama G.11

ADA4M0 – Drama G. 12

ADV3O0 – Film and Video G.10
AEA4O0 – Exploring the Arts G.12
AVI1O0 – Visual Art G.9
AVI2O0 – Visual Art G.10
AVI3M0 – Visual Art G.11
AVI4M0 – Visual Art G.12
AWK3O0 – Illustration G.11
AWS2O0 – Digital Media G.10
AWS3M0 – Digital Media G.11

ATC2O0 – Dance G.10
ATC3O0 – Dance G.11

AMU1O0 – Music G.9​
AMU2O0 – Music G. 10
AMP1O0 – World Drumming G.9
AMG2O0 – Guitar G.10

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Student photo
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