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​​Business and Career Studies


The Business and Career Studies teachers here at Harold M. Brathwaite S.S. provide a creative, dynamic, practical, inclusive, and student‐ centered program to meet the demands of a 21st century global business environment.  Whether looking at business through the eyes of a consumer or approaching it as a future business-person, every student in Business and Career Studies will benefit from a program which reflects students’ needs, abilities and, interests.  The planning and delivery of all business courses reflect the belief that all of our students can be successful and all will experience the impact that business has on their lives. 

Each Year students can explore business though courses that explores:

·     The world of business;

·     The impact and importance of Information and Communication Technology in Business;

·     Business Leadership and the Role of Management in Business;

·     The functions of business in the International Community;

·     The role of accounting and financial planning in Business;

·      Financial literacy and wealth management;

·     The functions of marketing;

·     And the importance of entrepreneurial ventures and enterprising people in driving business in the 21st   century.

This department is proud of its involvement in the Ontario Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM); a school‐wide program that focuses on entrepreneurship, and provides opportunities for students going on to apprenticeship, university, the workplace, or college.



Business Studies

S. Lal

R. Gardner-Blake
C. Ditta​
M. Raj
C. Morris
R. Bennett


Technical Studies

J. Chen
L. Salerno
C. Tarasco
G. Woods
P. Curran

Courses Offered


Grade 9
BTT 1O0  Information and Communication Technology in Business 


Grade 10
BBI 2O0 Introduction to Business
GLC 2O0 Career Studies
Grade 11
BDI 3C0 Entrepreneurship: The Venture
BAF 3M0 Financial Accounting Fundamentals
BMI 3C0 Marketing: Goods, Services, Events

Grade 12
BOH 4M0 Business Leadership: Management Fundamentals
BAT 4M0 Financial Accounting Principles
BBB 4M0 International Business Fundamentals



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