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The English department focuses on language at many levels and purposes: writing, reading,

listening and speaking. Coherence, clarity, and content are developed, as well as an appreciation

for the many ways humans use the English language to communicate with one another now and

through history.



Ms Adefarakan
Ms Boland
Mr DeJong
Ms Fera
Ms Giron
Mr Ireton
Ms Marciano
Ms Modi
Ms Rampersad 
Mr Seravalle

Ms Ross
Mr Sykes
Ms Gill



Grade 9

ENG 1L0 English Locally Developed

ENG 1P0 English Applied

ENG 1D0 English Academic

ENG 1D8 English Academic (pre-IB)


Grade 10

ENG 2L0 English Locally Developed

ENG 2P0 English Applied

ENG 2D0 English Academic

ENG 2D8 English Academic (pre-IB)


Grade 11

ENG 3E0 English Workplace

ENG 3C0 English College

ENG 3U0 English University​​

ENG 3U7 Higher Level IB English: Language and Literature

EMS 3O0 Media Studies


Grade 12

ENG 4E0 English Workplace​

ENG 4C0 English College

ENG 4U0 English University

ENG4U7 Higher Level IB English: Language and Literature 

EWC 4U0 The Writer's Craft University
OLC 4O0 Literacy Skills: Reading and Writing


*IB - International Baccalaureate

Important Information


OSSLT (Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test): Tuesday March 31, 2020


The Voice Student Newspaper - Teacher Contacts: Ms Marciano, Ms Modi,​​ Ms Prescott and M​s Deodat​



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National Library of Canada  

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