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​​Global Studies


Our department is committed to student success and experiential learning through our exciting and interesting courses paired with teachers who support teaching the whole student in an inclusive learning
environment. Our department is also committed to delivering quality curriculum related to geography, Canadian and world history, justice, politics, philosophy, religion, and economics.



A. Veldhuyzen
C. Bentes​
K. Vasilakis
S. Sykes

M. Kiraly

M. Zorayan

M. Guglick

K. Brown



Grade 9

CGC 1D0 Canadian Geography Academic
CGC 1P0 Canadian Geography Applied


Grade 10

CHC 2D0 Can​adian History Since WW1 Academic
CHC 2P0 Canadian History Since WW1 Applied
CHV 2O0  Civics


Grade 11
CHW 3M0 World History to the 16th Century
CLU 3M0 Understanding Canadian Law
CLU 3E0 Understanding Canadian Law
HSP 3M0 Intro to Anthro/Psych/Soc
HRF 3O0 World Religions


Grade 12
CGW 4U0 Canadian and World Issues
CHY 4U0 World History: The West and the World
CLN 4U0 Canadian and International Law

HSB 4M0 Challenge and Change
HZT 4U0 Philosophy


The Global Studies Department is proud to offer many courses related to the Justice High Skills Major Program

 Justice High Skills Major

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