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“We are what we do … Excellence therefore is not an act, but a habit!” Aristotle
The Mathematics Department of Harold M. Brathwaite Secondary School is here to help you aim for excellence. We are dedicated to student learning, assisting through Counting on You, extra help sessions and contests. We use technology in the classroom for explorations and to reinforce concepts. The department office is located on the second floor at the front of the school building. Watch for news in the display case across the hall from the office.



First Semester Teachers:


E. Bryan (Curricular Head)
​​S. Hui
A. Kong
M. Molenhuis
J. Nakitsas
S. Wang
F. Ogeer
​C. Morten
T. Yeats
L. Naish




Grade 9
MAT 1L0 Mathematics  Locally Developed
MFM 1P0 Foundations of Mathematics Applied
MPM 1D0 Principles of Mathematics

MPM 1D8 Principles of Mathematics


Grade 10
MAT 2L0 Mathematics Locally Developed
MFM 2P0 Foundations of Mathematics Applied
MPM 2D0 Principles of Mathematics

MPM 2D8 Principles of Mathematics


Grade 11
MEL 3E0 Mathematics for Work and Everyday Life
MBF 3C0 Foundations for College Mathematics
MCF 3M0 Functions and Applications College/University
MCR 3U0 Functions University

MCR 3U8 Functions University


Grade 12
MEL 4E0 Mathematics for Work and Everyday Life
MAP 4C0 Foundations for College Mathematics
MHF 4U0 Advanced Functions University

MHF 4U7 Advanced Functions
MDM 4U0 Mathematics of Data Management University
MCV 4U0 Calculus and Vectors University

MCV 4U7 Calculus and Vectors


Grade 9 Math EQAO Tests

EQAO – www.eqao.com

Semester 1 Math Students: EQAO assessment in January (prior to exams)

Semester 2 Math Students: EQAO assessment in June (prior to exams)


Math and Computing Contests

Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge                                      November
Pascal, Cayley, Fermat Mathematics Contests                            February
Euclid, Fryer, Galois, Hypatia Contests                                        April
Canadian Team Mathematics Contest                                         May (in school)
Beaver Computing Challenge                                                      November
Canadian Computing Competition                                               February    
 (see your Computer Science teacher)                                 


University of Waterloo CEMC Mathematics and Computing Contests



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