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​Special Education


Credit courses and support programs to serve a variety of learning styles and challenges to ensure Student Success.




Special Education Monitoring

Special Education teachers check in the progress of exceptional students through a monitoring process. Monitor teachers collaborate with classroom teachers, students, and parents to support student success. 

Contact Program

A non-credit program designed to meet the diverse social/emotional needs of adolescents. Supporting student needs outside the classroom environment by providing a connection with a caring adult to ensure student success  through the monitoring process.  A consultative process between school, home, and outside community services. 

GLE/GLS Courses – Skills for Success in Secondary School


Courses focus on learning strategies to help students become better, more independent

learners. Students will learn how to develop and apply literacy and numeracy skills, personal management skills, and interpersonal and teamwork skills to improve their learning and

achievement in school, the workplace, and the community. The courses help students build

confidence and motivation to pursue opportunities for success in secondary school and beyond.​


Grade 9

GLE/GLS 1O0 Learning Strategies


Grade 10

GLE/GLS 2O0 Learning Strategies


Grade 11

GLE/GLS 3O0 Advanced Learning Strategies


Grade 12

GLE/GLS4O0 Advanced LearningStrategies




K. Do (Department Head)

N. El-Sheikh Ali

K. Marry
S. Hinds-Paul

C. Valda

C. Hatje

A. Blackmore

C. Mason

A. Kell

A. White

K. Kahlon

M. Abrahim

E. Bhalla



D. Allen

A. Arvay

K. Belcham

T. Calle

J. Carty

J. Chaisson

M. Potocnik

R. Churly

E. Emberg

L. Flynn

S. Chambers

J. Grootenboer

L. Jogbodo

S. Lafantaisie
C. Lowe

S. Martin

M. Micallef

J. McRae

S. Saunders

D. Starkiewicz
S. Tataw

D. Vaillancourt

A. Walsh

A. Wickens

C. Corsaro​


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