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​​Technical Studies

The Technological Studies department at Harold M. Brathwaite continues the tradition of providing a climate for learning to achieve student success. The students are given the opportunity to experience the world
of technology, through real world experiences and classroom interactions. Students have opportunities to develop the skills and the knowledge they require to be successful in universities, colleges and work‐place. Each year we build strong learning skills that allow our students to become critical thinkers and independent learners. We focus on providing challenging and cooperative environment in our classes that helps to build positive character attributes in all our students.



F. Palmieri (deparment head)

R. Marchesano

J. Chen

​G. Woods

M. Di Iorio

J. Trauzzi



Grade 9
TIJ 1O0 Exploring Technologies


Grade 10
TGJ 2O0 Communications Technology
TEJ 2O0 Computer Technology
ICS 2O0 Computer Programming
TCJ 2O0 Construction Technology 
TTJ 2O0 Transportation Technology


Grade 11
TEJ 3M0 Computer Technology
ICS 3U0 Computer Programming
TCJ 3C0 Construction Technology
TTJ 3C0 Transportation Technology
TGJ 3M0 Communications Technology 


Grade 12
TGJ 4M0 Communications Technology
TEJ 4M0 Computer Technology
ICS 4U0 Computer Programming
TCJ 4C0 Construction Technology
TTJ 4C0 Transportation Technology


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