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​SHSM Justice

HB Students get to specialize their high school experience in justice and legal studies to prepare for a wide variety of law-related careers. 
Text Box: Students can enroll in an 8-credit specialized program in justice and legal studies.  Students learn about:  Different types of law including family law, business law, employment law, environmental law, labour law, tort law, etc.  The Charter of Rights And Freedoms  Criminal law and different trial procedures including jury selection  Different elements of crime:  Mens Rea and Actus Rea and types of defences    Students will be encouraged to participate in specialized experiential learning opportunities   Visit the Brampton and Toronto Courthouses or The Supreme Court of Canada  Field Centres and Outdoor Experiences  Police Centre Tours and Forensics Workshops   Visiting Post Secondary Institutions: Sheridan College, University of Toronto    Student Certifications And Training   First Aid, CPR, WHMIS, Conflict Resolution,  Self Defence, Group Dynamics,  Leadership    Dual-credit Opportunity (Earn a college and high school credit at the same time)  Students can attend Humber College and earn a credit in Canadian Criminal Justice Systems    Student timetable  Grade 11 Law CLU3M0, another global studies course, and a CLA in Math  Grade 12 Law CLN4U0, another global studies course, and a CLA in English  Co-operative Education

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