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SHSM at H.B.
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The Specialist High Skills Major


This program enables students to customize their high school experience to suit their interests and talents and helps to direct their studies on the pathway that will lead them to their future goals while meeting the requirements of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma.


Program Components:

  • A package of 8 or 9 required credits in a specific area
  • Covers all the different pathways:  workplace, apprenticeship, college, and university
  • Valuable work experience and experiential learning opportunities
  • 2-credit co-operative education
  • Completion of the Ontario Skills Passport
  • Obtain industry recognized certifications in the major
  • Reach ahead opportunities including job shadowing
  • Competitions and conferences
  • Earn dual-credits by taking high school and college courses at the same time
  • Contextualized units in other courses that focus on the major

Contextualized Learning Activities

  • Must be delivered as they are a SHSM diploma requirement
  • Meet curriculum expectations and blend into the major (have a major-related theme)
  • 6 to 10 hours of learning
  • Provide authentic and meaningful learning experiences for all students
  • Whole school approach
  • Teachers have to follow the format
  • Any CLAs that are not available will be required as soon as they become available

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