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​​​​​​​Course Selection for 2021-22 Schoo​l Year

If you need to make a change to the selections you made in MyBlueprint, please use the following Google Form:

2021-2022 Course Change Request

Later in the school year you will receive a Course Verification email for both next year and summer school, which will give you a last chance to make adjustments.

myBlueprint Tasks Expectations.pdf

Course Selection Grade 10-12 planning 2021-2022.pdf

Course Selection Grade 10-12 courses 2021-2022.pdf

You can access myBlueprint through BYOD - https://www.peelschools.org/students/myblueprint/Pages/default.aspx - BYOD login is at the top

Course Descriptions can be found at: https://www.peelschools.org/students/commoncoursecalendar/Pages/default.aspx

Last year's course descriptions:Course Descriptions and Prereqs PDF.pdf

Summer School information is here.

Choose your courses well!  If you have any questions, you can contact your Guidance Counsellor through this  email [email protected].

I.B. students

​Worksheets for your course selection (grade is the one you will enter in September 2021):

HB Grade 10 IB 2021-22.pdf

HB Grade 11 IB 2021-22.pdf

HB Grade 12 IB 2021-22.pdf

​Specialist High Skills Majors

SHSM Business.pdf

SHSM Justice.pdf

Course Changes for 2020-21 School Year

If you need to make a change to your timetable, either for this quadmester or for the rest of the year, please use the following Google Form.

  • ​Please realize that we may not be able to accommodate your change requests. 
  • Do not ask to switch sections to be with your friend. We are unable to accomodate such requests.
  • Please realize that every change can alter the whole timetable, so changing one course may affect others in other quadmesters. By making your request, you are agreeing to that outcome.
  • The timetable for all students will be reorganized for Quadmester 2. The counsellors may not be able to address your request until that timetable is set. Please be patient and do not submit multiple requests about the same issue. 

 Course Change Request ​Form​

Course selection is a continual process and should be based on an individual student's interests, abilities and goals. To assist with this process, students are strongly encouraged to speak to their teachers about proposed classes, read course descriptions online or in the Common Course Calendar, talk to their counsellors and parents, and speak to students who have previously taken these classes. Students choose their classes online—a password is required which can be obtained through the school.

Career Research

Students are encouraged to consult the following online resources prior to choosing their courses:

www.myblueprint.ca/peel Username | Password : contact your guidance counsellor

Course Changes

Once a student chooses a course, they are expected to remain enrolled in that course, unless there are special circumstances. Students are encouraged to speak to their teachers and counsellors, should any difficulties and/or challenges arise.

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