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Review safety procedures with your children

Review safety procedures with your children

The safety of our students is always a top priority and we will always take whatever precautions are necessary to ensure their safety.

Although our staff emphasizes street-proofing skills with our students, we feel that it is also important that you review the following safety procedures provided by the Peel Regional Police with your child:

  • Tell your children to never go anywhere with a stranger, not to talk to strangers and never take anything from them. You also have to teach them what a "safe stranger" is in case they need help. A safe stranger includes a police officer, a cashier, a fire fighter, etc.
  • Develop a "what if" game for the kids to get them thinking of how they would respond if they felt threatened or afraid. 
  • Know who your children play with and where they go. This includes keeping a list of their friend's addresses and phone numbers.
  • Remind your children not to take short cuts through parks, ravines, or other secluded areas.
  • Your child's body is private. Tell your child that no one may touch the area their bathing suit covers. If someone does or tries to touch them, they should advise you immediately.
  • Teach your children to talk to you immediately when someone does anything that makes them feel strange or uncomfortable. Listen when your children are trying to tell you about something that bothers them and provide them with support and understanding. 

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