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Empowering Modern Learners
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​​​We live in a world of CONSTANT CHANGE. Technological innovations have created a world that is ever-connected and rapidly evolving, bringing new opportunities for employment, civic engagement and learning, locally and globally. We remain committed to inspiring students to be successful, confident and hopeful today and in the future. ​

This changing world demands RESILIENCY, critical​ thought and ADAPTABILITY. Driving this change is a transition toward a knowledge-based economy as well as complex challenges that require innovative solutions. Learners will need foundational skills, such as literacy and numeracy, as well as a set of 21st century competencies - skills, knowledge and attitudes - that will enable them to be engaged, successful citizens now and in the future. 

Modern digital tools offer unprecedented opportunities to empower ALL learners by providing access to information and learning networks. This access generates new opportunities for learners to explore their passions, share their voices and consider diverse perspectives that lead to an equitable and compassionate world. 

An ever-changing world requires us, as educators, to be willing to INNOVATE our practice in response to the needs of modern learners in a dynamic global context. By modelling the skills, knowledge and attitudes that we hope to instill in our learners, we embody the competencies necessary for success in a modern world. Being a 21st century educator is more about the journey than the destination. 

This journey requires a collective commitment. All members of the community - educators, parents/guardians, leaders and learners themselves - are responsible to develop active and critically engaged citizens today and in the future. 

The ideas presented in [this vision] are note new. They are, however, more essential now than ever. MOVING FORWARD, our work is guided by the four belief statements [listed below]. Also, the six innovative elements that follow are the actionable components we can unpack, discuss and implement as a learning community. 

Belief Statements



Empowering Modern Learners Vision Document​



​ Innovative Elements

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