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Gifted students, in Grades 9 to 12, whose regional center for gifted education is Heart Lake Secondary School, are eligible for the Enhanced Learning Program.  They must have an IEP designation of Superior Intelligence.


Our enhanced program allows students to be challenged within the curriculum, while exploring topics of interest in more depth to allow for a greater understanding and appreciation while being assessed at a standard academic level.


Students will gain more learning opportunities in an environment that: 

        Is challenging

        Encourages risk taking

        Focuses on critical thinking and problem solving

        Has open-ended work to develop creativity and abstract thinking


The Enhanced Learning Program (ELP) offers many opportunities for enrichment outside the classroom, such as field trips, guest speakers, and mentoring opportunities.


Monitoring support: Enhanced Learning Program students are monitored by the Lead Teacher for the ELP to ensure that they are working to their academic potential, to explore extracurricular interests and to examine resources for post secondary opportunities. The Lead Teacher may consult with the student's counselor and the Head of Special Education as part of this Monitoring role.



Program Goals:

Annual program goals are assessed by each Enhanced Program teacher

Grade 9

           To study topics in more depth and breadth

           To demonstrate appropriate social and peer interaction

           To develop and demonstrate effective work habits

Grade 10

           To study topics in more depth and breadth

           to analyze and pursue areas of strength

           to explore unique, individual ideas and present   creative, alternative answers

Grade 11

           To study topics in more depth and breadth

           To pursue an interest in the specialized area of study utilizing personal talents

           To have opportunity to take on various leadership roles in group work

Grade 12

           To study topics in more depth and breadth

           To actively participate in goal setting and determining final products

           To identify, and develop critical thinking skills including: analogy attribution,
  evaluation and ranking, cause and effect, identifying bias and cross-classing.


 Upcoming Opportunities!

  • Queen's University: Enrichment Studies Unit (ESU):
    • The Enrichment Studies Unit (ESU) offers enrichment opportunities to above average and gifted students in Grades 6 to 12, within the Queen's University setting.
    • Enrichment Courses: Our programs offer a wide range of courses to suit a multitude of student interests. Each course explores a disciplinary area using equipment and materials not readily available to teachers through such things as hands-on experiments and activities, interactive lectures, guest speakers, discussions and video presentations. The instructors – typically graduate students – are experts in their field and bring a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to the learning experience.

    • University Experience: As well as studying an academic discipline in depth, students have the opportunity to meet other gifted, above average and highly motivated students, as well as interact with Queen's University student mentors. Residential programs offer the full university experience, including eating in a cafeteria, staying in a residence, and participating in extra-curricular activities. The university experience builds familiarity with university life and reduces anxiety about post-secondary opportunities.

    • Available for students in grades 9-12
    • COURSES NOW ONLINE -- Courses are now posted online for all winter and spring commuter and in-residence programs. You can find the courses for each program under the program name on our website. There are lots of new and exciting courses being offered, as well as favourites that have been refreshed. Check them out today! http://esu.queensu.ca/programs/



      • The arrival time for our EMC program (high school students) is reverting back to what it was prior to last year: Arrival will be between 5:00 and 6:30pm. Dinner will not be offered on the day of arrival, but we will provide options for take-out

      • Our SEEDS-In-Residence program will end earlier on Friday, at 1:00pm after a BBQ lunch; Classes will be adjusted to ensure students receive the same number of hours of instruction as in previous years

      • We will be adjusting our evening activities to ensure they more fully contribute to the overall enrichment experience for the students

    • Over the past few years the Enrichment Studies Unit has had some very diverse and unique course offerings. Here is a sample of typical courses we offer (most of these were offered last year):

      • Anatomy of the Human Body

      • Art Quake

      • Astronomy: Voyage Through the Universe

      • Biology, Biotech and Beyond

      • Cancer Today

      • Creating Computer Games with Scratch

      • Crime and Justice

      • Engineering: Making connections through design

      • Experimental Chemistry

      • Exploring Social Deviance

      • Film and Social Media

      • Global Issues

      • Introduction to Medicine

      • Journalism: Storytelling as an Agent of Change

      • Kinesiology

      • Marketing to the Masses

      • Music: Digital Recording and Song

      • Nursing: Scrubbed and Ready

      • Pathology and Molecular Medicine

      • Power Up: Engineering the Power of the Future

      • Probability and Mathematical Models

      • Songwriting and Recording

      • Sport Psychology

      • The Power of Social Influence

      • The Psychology of Healthy Relationships


  • Univerity of Waterloo - Unlimited Program:
    • Grade 11 Program: Design Theme
      • Dates may coincide with some school boards' March Break
      • Application deadline: see website
      • From engineering and the environment to science fiction and virtual reality, students will spend a week exploring the theme of design with a community of like-minded peers.
      • Program fee: see website
      • Supervised overnight shared hotel accommodation ((All supervision provided by the University of Waterloo.)
      • Limited bursary support is available for students in financial need.
    • Grade 10 Program: Theme of "Change"
      • Application deadline: see website
      • Students will consider the perspectives of scientists, engineers, writers, philosophers, and others as they examine the theme of "Change".
      • Program fee: see website (meals included)
      • Supervised residence accommodation: see website
      • Limited bursary support is available for students in financial need.


  • Queen's University Summer Enrichment Experience at Queen's (SEEQ):
    • SEEQ is an enrichment program and university experience for students who are looking to broaden their knowledge and challenge themselves academically, as well as get a chance to experience life as a Queen's University student while meeting like-minded peers from across Ontario, and beyond. Visit the website for more information.




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