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The Heart Lake Music Program offers a variety of ensembles that are active in both the school and community settings including Intermediate Concert Band, Senior Concert Band, Jazz Band, Flute ensemble, Single Reed ensemble and Marching band. Ensembles perform in our Winter and Spring concerts at Heart Lake Secondary School, as well awards assemblies, graduation and feeder school concerts in the community.  In April 2017, our Senior Concert Band completed a 10 day performance tour of Italy. In previous years the Senior Band has won awards at Festivals of Music competitions in Anaheim, Orlando, Chicago, New York, Dallas and New Orleans. The Intermediate and Senior Concert Bands participate annually in the Ontario Band Association competition in February. Both bands earned Gold awards in the 2017 competition and  have been invited to compete at the National finals in Toronto. Students entering Grade 9 music can opt for the experienced music stream (AMU 105 – a minimum of 2 years playing experience) or beginner music (AMU 103). We are very proud of our musicians at Heart Lake!

Realistic graphite portraits, abstract painting, descriptive drawing, comic book creation, clay sculpture, and printmaking technology will catch your eye in the Visual Arts area. Students are involved in a number of design and creative ventures designed to provide an appreciation for the various genres of Visual Arts. Digital photography, digital photo manipulation, digital painting, vinyl cutting, claymation, and photo collage ... these are just some of the media explored by Heart Lake Media Arts students. These courses are directed at developing students' artistic knowledge and skills by providing them with hands-on skill development as well as exploring issues of media art in the world around them. These experiences will benefit all students by enhancing their understanding of visual communication. You don't have to be Monet to enjoy the diverse programs offered by the Heart Lake Visual Arts Department which are all free of charge to students.




The key to success in Drama is participation. The courses are designed to encourage students to step out of the "comfort zones" and explore the rich variety of the Performing Arts. Areas explored include: audience appreciation, mime, tableaux, script writing and performing, monologues, abstract interpretation, improvisation, character development and much more. Drama courses are offered in Grades 9 - 12.



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