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Business Studies



Why take business at Heart Lake?


·         It affects work, spending, saving, investing, travel and play

·         It influences jobs, incomes, and opportunities for personal enterprise

·         It has a significant effect on the standard of living and quality of life


Young people need to:


·         Understand how businesses function

·         Appreciate the role of business in society

·         Realize the opportunities generated by a business education

·         Value the versatility of business skills


Programs offered:


·         Management

·         International Business

·         Marketing

·         Accounting

·         Information Technology

·         Computer Applications

·         Entrepreneurship

·         Economics


Critical areas of learning in business that will help everyone in day to day life:


·         Problem solving

·         Creative thinking

·         Creativity

·         Employability

·         Application software

·         Business etiquette

·         Organizational productivity

·         Teamwork

·         Research and inquiry

·         Entrepreneurial

·         Risk management

·         Strategic planning

·         Leadership


Your business department works hard to provide your children with the skills necessary to succeed!

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