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  Special Education



Heart Lake Secondary School has a Special Education staff that works diligently to support, monitor and help students develop their learning skills and potential as learners.


Our Learning Strategies course (offered Grade 9-12) supports students in the development of the skills necessary for success in secondary school including time management, study habits, test taking and memory skills. This course also supports the development of essential skill areas in literacy and numeracy. It also helps the student understand their learning strengths and needs.


Our Special Education Department provides Monitoring  support to students with an Individual Education Plan (IEP) in the semester in which they are not in a Learning Strategies course. This includes all students with an IEP who may have physical challenges and/or learning exceptionalities (includes Gifted learners). Special Education staff work closely with students, teachers and parents to develop and implement a student’s IEP.

Please see information on our website regarding our Enhanced Program for those students who are Gifted.


Please contact the school at 905-840-2328 x158 for further information regarding the programs offered through our Special Education Department at Heart Lake.




Course List:


GLE 100/GLS 100

This course is designed to help students successfully manage the transition from an Elementary school setting to a Secondary school setting. Topics include: time management, test taking, note taking, memory, the teenage brain, studying skills and organizational skills. "What does it mean to have an IEP?" is also explored. The workings of a Secondary school, such as exam taking, resources available to support students and extra-curricular opportunities are explored.


GLE 200/GLS 200

This course is designed to further develop literacy skills. Opportunities to read and understand informational, narrative and graphical text are provided. Writing News Reports, A Series of Paragraphs Expressing an Opinion and creating responses to short answer questions are part of this course. Students will be better prepared for writing the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) as a result of taking this course.


GLE 300-400/GLS 300-400

This course is designed to help Senior students with the impending transition from Secondary school to the world of work, college or university. Post-secondary course offerings, budgeting for life as a student, post-secondary supports for Special Education students, stress management and managing transitions in life, are some of the topics explored. Counsellor referrals and opportunities to attend information sessions for the graduating student are also provided as part of the course.




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